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Research activities

The research activities of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy range in various fields  of Chemistry (Analytical, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Technology, Physical, Inorganic and General, Industrial, Organic), Biology (Biochemist, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacology) and Applied Physics.


In addition to the permanent staff (Professors and Researchers), the PhD students of the Graduate School in Chemical Sciences and the holders of research grants collaborate to the research activities.


The Department has different funding sources, which are largely obtained through participation in tenders published by the European Union, by national authorities, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and by private as well as through participation in national institutions like the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and inter-university consortiums related to different topics.


There are numerous collaborations with universities and research institutions (national and international), including the presence of visiting scientist.


Research results are usually published in international scientific journals, with an average production of about 100 items per year.